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Head Coach: Angela

Asst. Coaches:

Coach John, Coach Joe, Coach Johnathan, Coach Felix

Head Coach: Angela

Asst. Coaches:

Coach Jay


Heart, Hustle and Dedication is what we teach. Leave it all on the field and work together as a team.


Every player is part of the process! Stay through the process so you can be part of the outcome. The process requires Hard Work!

On and off the field, we talk about Integrity, Respect, Mental Toughness, Resilience, Determination, and Sportsmanship! We do more than just build and develop the Athlete, we are developing young men and building Character as well.

How well do we handle challenges, adversity, winning and losing? If you leave it all on the field, regardless of the outcome, this is what winning looks like. 

We develop Champions! Every single Colts Player

is a Champion! 

Love you Colts!

- Coach Angela